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2017 EC Nominations Call

NKK inviting 2016 NKK members to form new Executive Committee (EC with all its positions namely President, Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Secretary, Co-Treasurer) and one BOD positions for the year 2017. Last date to send in your nominations: Saturday - January 28, 2017 11:59 pm
2017 BOD & EC Nomination Form Please email your nomination form (duely signed by the nominator) to kannadakoota@usa

Sankranti/Ugadi 2017

Sankranti/Ugadi 2017
Date: Saturday March 18th 2017
Place: Hindu temple of Atlanta, Riverdale, GA
Time: 5:00 PM sharp (socializing starts from 4:00 PM)
Last Date to Register: March 5th, 2017

2016 Scholarship

Shankari Muteri and late Narsimhiaya Muteri Foundation Scholarship Fund for the year 2016, Donated by: Dr. Annapurna & Dr.Subrahmanya Bhat
NKK seeking applications from High school seniors who is graduating in Fall 2017
Last date to apply for Scholarship - Saturday, March 12th,2017
2016 Scholarship form

2017 Membership

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NKK By Laws

NKK By Laws

News Brief in and around Atlanta involving NKK

AKKA 2012 News Brief

NKK Committment to "Giving"

NKK Committment to "Giving" Read the article here

NKK Attended Adopt a Road - April 2010

Attended Adopt a Road programme for the Spring quarter

NKK Celebrates Sankranti - 2010

NKK Celebrates Rajyotsava

Kannada Koota Members Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Namita & Ganesh Desai's Concert at Atlanta

Nrupatunga Kannada Koota Showers Humor This Season


Spring sprinkled in some smiles and entertainment in the form a Comedy Show organized by Nrupatunga Kannada Koota (NKK) this April 18th in the auditorium of the Hindu Temple of Atlanta. Mimicry Dayanand, popular television and Kannada film actor from Karnataka performed the show despite the absence of his partner Pranesh, who could not join him on this trip.

The program started with a prayer song rendered by kids. Dayanand, famous for his mimicry and capable of imitating up to 73 voices tickled the crowd with his impersonations of famous Kannada film personalities such as Dr. Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish to name a few. He also entertained the audience with some excerpts from his own experience focusing mainly on people’s behavior in general. It was interesting to note that Dayanand brought in a local artist, Balaji to join him in an act which had a good outcome despite the fact that they only had half a day to rehearse the entire piece. Dayanand can speak seven languages and he cleverly used the languages and accents to appeal to a Kannada spectator. He also performed in Hindi. Roopa Shidhar, a local from Columbus Georgia was invited to sing in between acts. A Puppet show was organized for the kids to make sure they had their share of fun.

NKK honored its guests with souvenirs and treated everyone to food catered from Udipi Restaurant. Friends, fun and food sure make a great combination to kick off spring or any season with a smile.

Nrupathunga Kannada Koota in Atlanta plays host to Engineering students from Karnataka

By Dr.H.N.Ramaswamy

Enthusiastic students from three engineering colleges from Bangalore – R V College of engineering, Jain Engineering College, PES Institute of Technology -participated in aero design competition sponsored by NASA and Lockheed. The design engineers, all below 22 years, came from three different disciplines of engineering - electrical, mechanical and electronics. The students received minimum guidance from their teachers and the travel grants for R V College students were partially met by DOO Technologies (Dubai).

The competition, conducted by the Automotive Engineering Society, was held at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia and the flying competition took place at the flying field in Acworth, Georgia from April 3 to April 5.2009.

Nearly 65 teams from all over the world participated in the event. Each school designed an unmanned aircraft with a maximum weight of 55 lbs measuring175 inches in length. They imaginatively fabricated the aircrafts using wind direction detectors, humidity and temperature sensors and automation technology.

The program was well-structured and on the first day, there was a lecture demonstration. On the second and third days, there was actual flying of the aircraft with increasing payload to demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft.

The new design technology fulfills a wide range of applications including pesticide spraying, disaster management, landscape evaluation and atmospheric sampling - particularly in developing countries.

The participating students and faculty members from RV College of Engineering were hosted by Nrupathunga Kannada Koota in Atlanta. They were provided with accommodation, transport and boarding on all days during their stay in Atlanta area. They were presented with souvenirs before they left for Bangalore. Volunteers from Kannada Koota took enormous pains to make the guests’ stay as comfortable as possible, provided them with home cooked meals, offered financial assistance, invited to their homes and appreciated the visiting students’ creative skills and perseverance.

Nrupathunga Kannada Koota celebrates 35th Anniversary


This September the Kannada Community of Atlanta was brimming with action - rehearsals, planning, food, audio and visual arrangements the works to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Nrupatunga Kannada Koota (NKK), a non profit organization established in 1973 with the intention of providing a common meeting ground to share the joy of festivals and occasions that binds people from Karnataka. All the hard work and collaboration came to life on the 20th of September at the Southern Polytechnic in Marietta. 

NKK, along with organizing fun events for folks to get together also prides in community service by making donations to 9/11 and Gujarat relief funds, supporting kids education here by setting up the Shankari Narasimhaiya Muteri Foundation scholarship awarded to deserving students on Rajyotsava day each year and a school in Mysore, India that is set up for poor students and offering financial support to some accident victim families such as Sheshadri Ghante in DC. NKK volunteers also maintain a website and Library of Kannada books. Dr. H.N. Ramaswamy, current President and founder of NKK along with his wife Smt. Indira Ramaswamy, in the words of a senior NKK member, nurture the association with love and passion as their own child. He started NKK in 1973 with a few Kannada people by his side. “It is my joy and pride to work for NKK” he tells us.

The day was packed with classical and modern dances, drama and tableau programs starting with renderence of invocation and American national anthem by kids. The audience was kept occupied between programs with the screening of “Naavu Nadedubanda daari”, a presentation narrating 35 years of history. A delightful Carnatic Music Concert by Kasaravalli sisters Roopa and Deepa was the show stealer. A donation of Rs.50000 was presented to Nrupatunga Kannada School in Mysore, India. A magazine “Chiguru” featuring works from writers in India and the USA was released and handed to members as a memento. The organizers presented awards to all volunteers and Drs. Annapurna and Subrahmanya Bhat, for establishing a $4000 scholarship for a graduating high school senior. Dr. Ramaswamy was honored by NKK members for his exceptional and dedicated service to the community. A puppet show, movie along side the main events entertained the kids. Another parallel event was a seminar on wills, trusts etc. Some commercial booths were set up for people in the mood to shop.

There was plenty of food and drinks for everyone and at all times to go around. Breakfast, Lunch, mid-day snacks and dinner were all part of the grand fare. 

The festivities concluded with Indian national anthem. Congratulations to NKK for organizing a well-planned, well- attended and well-received event that had everyone leaving with a smile across their face. Here’s wishing NKK continued success in the years to come. 

Karnataka Chiefminister's visit to Atlanta


“I am overwhelmed by the affection shown by the Indian community in Atlanta. I will remember this visit for a long time,” said an appreciative Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa. He was addressing the Atlanta Indian community that had assembled in large numbers to felicitate him at the Ashiana Banquet Hall in Global Mall Monday, September 1st. The felicitation program, which was organized by various Indian associations of Atlanta, saw an outpour of enthusiasm from people who cheered the dignitaries warmly through the proceedings.

The chief minister was accompanied by Krishna Shetty, Housing Minister, Murugesh Nirani, Minister for Large and Medium Scale Industries and other high-level delegates.

Yediyurappa, who had earlier attended the Fifth World Kannada Convention (AKKA) in Chicago, said his first visit to the US as chief minister was not a holiday. “The purpose of the visit was to meet NRI Kannadigas and other Indians, see their success and seek investments. I attended several business meetings in Chicago, and saw a lot of enthusiasm from NRIs in investing in Karnataka,” he said.

The chief minister, whose cabinet will complete 100 days of office on September 9th, promised to change Karnataka completely in three to four years. He said his government has drawn up a new industrial policy and a Karnataka 20/20 vision document. “The purpose of our US visit is to lay the ground for this vision,” he said.

“The growth of Karnataka will contribute to the growth of India.” he said, before adding, “Let us forget our differences and come closer. We are Indians first, and Kannadiga, Tamilian, Telugu later. Let us uphold Indian culture and be proud to be Indians.”

Yediyurappa had earlier in the day visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in downtown Atlanta and paid obeisance to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi there. He said the inspiration he derived from the great souls (Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr) would live with him forever.

Dr. H.N. Ramaswamy, president of Nrupathunga Kannada Koota addressed the gathering in chaste Kannada. He spoke about the Kannadigas who had moved so far from home and adapted to the new culture here, while maintaining their own. “Some of us who moved here in the 60s and 70s had less than $20 in our pockets when we arrived,” he said. “With hard work and determination, we progressed over the years. But we have not forgotten our culture or our language,” he said.

Dr. Ramaswamy also elaborated on the charity works of the association.

A colorful cultural program was put together earlier in the evening by Nrupathunga Kannada Koota, Telugu Association of Metro Atlanta (TAMA), Tamil Sangam, Maharashtra Mandal and other groups like the vibrant Bhangra team from Georgia Tech. The emcees for the evening were Murali Sajja and Anita Bhagavathula.

Shiv Aggarwal of Global Mall welcomed the audiences and the delegates. A plaque was presented to the chief minister on behalf of the Indian associations in Atlanta by Dr. Ravi Sarma, president of the Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Riverdale.

The Ashiana banquet hall was filled to the capacity by enthusiastic people from all Indian communities, who cheered the dignitaries warmly throughout the proceedings. The free to the public event also included dinner that was sponsored by the organizers. Chowdary Dhanala, Srini Lavu and Dr. Nagendra Srinivas Kodali organized and sponsored the program on behalf of the Indian community associations. In spite of little time to prepare for evening, the threesome put together a program of grand scale- something the community and the dignitaries will remember for a long time.