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2017 EC Nominations Call

NKK inviting 2016 NKK members to form new Executive Committee (EC with all its positions namely President, Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Secretary, Co-Treasurer) and one BOD positions for the year 2017. Last date to send in your nominations: Saturday - January 28, 2017 11:59 pm
2017 BOD & EC Nomination Form Please email your nomination form (duely signed by the nominator) to kannadakoota@usa

Sankranti/Ugadi 2017

Sankranti/Ugadi 2017
Date: Saturday March 18th 2017
Place: Hindu temple of Atlanta, Riverdale, GA
Time: 5:00 PM sharp (socializing starts from 4:00 PM)
Last Date to Register: March 5th, 2017

2016 Scholarship

Shankari Muteri and late Narsimhiaya Muteri Foundation Scholarship Fund for the year 2016, Donated by: Dr. Annapurna & Dr.Subrahmanya Bhat
NKK seeking applications from High school seniors who is graduating in Fall 2017
Last date to apply for Scholarship - Saturday, March 12th,2017
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2017 Membership

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NKK By Laws

NKK By Laws

Published below are some of the comments of those who attended the Groups Songs by specially challenged children held at the Club House of Aruna Sastry.Please share your comments on this event.

Email: samarthanam@vsnl.com
Dear Sir/Madam,
We extend our heartfelt thanks for all the members of Nrupatunga Kannada Koota for providing an opportunity for our specially challenged children to exhibit their talents.
We look forward to have such programmes in the near future.
Hope you all are enjoyed the programme. We also extend our gratitude for your contribution of $1000 for our efforts.
Thank you for everything
Yours truly,
Mahantesh G.K

Managing Trustee

Published below are some of the comments of those who attended the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Nrupathunga Kannada Koota held at the Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta on Sept 6th, 2003.
Please share your comments on this event.
First, let me congratulate every kannada person in Atlanta for participating in this event and the organizers for their work. It is an honor to all of us for reaching such a milestone! 30 Years! It is lot of years and it is an achievement by itself that Nrupatunga Kannada Koota is attracting members for so many years. Kudos! Gread Job committee and keep up the good work! God Bless you all.

Next, Appreciations:
1. Program from Augusta group was very professional and every program co-ordinator can learn a lot from them. Great job guys and gals!
2. All the kids programs, Kudos to all the dance trainers, directors. This is our future in action! Great Job and I feel that how well we do this part and create interest in kids, decides the next 30 years of our kannada koota! I feel the leaders need to take a lot of interest in this category. (I really appreciate the current work in this area!)
3. Team from Memphis (last program of the function). Amazing! Really talented individuals. I would have celebrated the day in ten folds if we had given them a chance to sing for about 30 more minutes. If we had improved our efficiency from the start, I am sure we could have done that. But anyway, it was great! Thanks guys for driving from Memphis to entertain us. Hope we will do a better job next time!

Next, About the program in general. Please read the next thoughts as a constructive feedback rather than complaining. Please treat it like "Lessons Learned". So, I donot expect that this section of the feedback to showup in the comments sections, but will really appreciate if the organizers read these comments.
1. Program started approx. 2 hours late! Let us accept this fact.
2. I have heard that several "insiders" (whatever that means) knew that "officially" program would start at 11 AM, while the "rest of us" were told to come at 10 AM. This is ridiculous while it was sent in every email that the program would start at 10 AM Sharp!
3. Registration was confusing for several people! I heard quite a good number of complaints whether they are genuine or not, you guys judge it.
4. Efficiency of programs need to be looked into. There were programs which started with a LONG gap while every one in the auditorium were wondering what was going on!
5. I know local talent gets first preference, but the group from Memphis was amazing and if we had that program in the afternoon after lunch, with instructions to sing "only kannada songs", I am sure we would have celebrated kannada poetry "in fusion!".
6. Food was great! Though there was some confusion about what was announced and what was found! Everyone was expecting "masala dosa" (which was announced) while they got "pakoda!"
7. Table & Chair arrangements for eating could improve. Most of the line "you can only get in! but no way to come out! after the next row people settle in!"
8. I felt so alarmed, while older individuals were volunteering, younger individuals were sitting in the seats! Hope the leaders motivate these "future" to participate by understanding what needs to be done! I know this is better said than done!

Finally, Dr. Ramaswamy, hats off to you. It is really amazing to see your enthusiasm and diligence in arranging all these functions. Whatever is your motivation, I request you to transfer and educate future leaders, by grooming them with your experience. We are really fortunate in Atlanta area to have such a leader. Your work in incorporating the koota and all the other official work is commendable.

We may not have to do an event in this scale in the near future, but I thought of giving this feedback which was lingering in my mind.

God Bless All and in particular - Kannada, Karnataka and Atlanta kannadigas.


I think all the committee members and especially you did a wounderful job planning,execuiting, and organizing this mamooth daylong function. Everything came out exeedingly well. All of you deserve applause. Please continue your enthusiasm to educate our children.

M.Venkatesha and Vasantha, Savannah,GA

It was absolutely great! The entertainment (and food!) was very nice and it was great meeting other Kannadigas (having just moved from NJ where there are many Kannadigas, this was like home again). The play (Sri Krishna Sandana) was wonderful.
Keep up the great work!!

Kumar Sridhar

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations for organising a fabulous programme on saturday. Pl. convey my sincere thanks to all the children, ladies & gentlemen who had toiled hard to make the day memorable for all of us.

I enrolled as a member on that day. I look forward to participate constructively in all your activities.

Devaji Rao

Welcome to the Nrupathunga family. We look forward to seeing more of your in the forthcoming events.

Even before I start off on the 30th anniverssary and how it went, I & Roopa greatly appreciate your Meticulous way of working on things without much appreciation from a lot of people, who don't know how much you have done to this Organization.

You went through the whole thing as though it was a event that was going on in your house. It was a great get together of Kannada people, some of whom we had not met. The programs were exteremly good, to name a few

Shubasya Shigram
Augusta dance
Children's program etc.

With all our heart we thank you for arranging a get together like this. We wish you all the best to conduct more programs like this for which you will have our never ending support.

With lots of Love and Affection

This message of appreciation is addressed to Ramaswamy. We are sure the other members would echo the sentiment.

It is an honor and privilege to have your family with us who take lots of interest and spend lots of your personal time to organize kannada cultural functions.This give us a forum for us and our children to show case the talents and be a part of the kannada speaking community. Also, for adults it helps us make new friends, meet old friends and I am very happy to say that it also help us small business folks to get excellent business contacts.

We, the Sastry Family (Aruna, Bharathi, Pallavi and Pavan), thank you and appreciate the effort you put to bring these functions together.

Thanks again.
Aruna and family.

I had come to the programme on saturday and throughly enjoyed it. I was very much impressed by your ideals and love for kannada. Its a general feeling that kannadigas lack love for their language, especially when out of karnataka, and that theory was fully demolished when I saw the function on saturday. I would be grateful if you can send me some sample photos/video of the saturday programe. I want to send them to my parents in India so that they dont feel that I am alone here in an alien land and get reaffirmed that there are so many fellow kannadigas here.

PhD Student, BioMedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

We will publish the photos and some sample videos on our website and will direct you to the URL as soon as they are ready.
- Organizers

We all would like to thank you very much for organizing the 30th anniversary celebrations of Kannada Koota so well. We all had a very good time and enjoyed all the programs. We appreciate your hard work and time spent on making the event so successful. Also your performance in "Krishna Sandhana" was superb!!

Sushma and Deepak Shenoy

It was truly a very well organized and well thought of event. You truly are guiding light of Kannada Koota. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be part of such an historic event. I am sure few years down the road we will cherish on this sweet moment when we view those photos and video clips.

Raj Bhat